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Become a Distributor

Creating a reliable distribution network is an excellent way to make our super seasonings available to customers around the country. Our distribution program enables distributors to achieve impressive margins while nurturing a sustainable business.

By becoming our distributor, you benefit from experience, expertise, and a relentless drive channeled towards taking over every reputable position in the industry. Great seasoning products are in high demand by consumers everywhere in the country.
We have a portfolio of high-quality, natural products for meeting such demands. We understand the impact that delicious meals can have on individuals, so we prioritise their needs at all times. Purchase our seasonings at wholesale and distribute them to retailers.

If you are looking to become one of our distributors, do well to contact us to get more information and start the process.

Reseller & Retailer

Do you have an online store where you sell cooking ingredients? Would you like to add a new line of high-quality seasoning products to your online shelf? If that is the case, then apply to become one of our resellers. We offer competitive resale prices.

If you are looking to become one of our resellers, do well to contact us

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